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health low. hurricane earl is making its way up the east coast. the system has weakened to a category one hurricane with peak winds at 85 miles an hour. the eye of the storm is expected to stay off shore, but many people up and down the eastern seaboard will feel its affects. we have live team coverage. bruce leshan is live in virginia beach. scott broom is live in ocean city where the wind anne and rain are picking up and of course howard is tracking the storm from the weather center. let's start with howard.
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>> the storm is staying off shore and weakening wind down to 85 miles an hour. the back edge of the rain is raining across anne arundel, eastern charles and st. mary's and calvert county but it will wind down shortly. the clouds have been back toward us keeping the temperatures at bay. in the low 80s. go to the radar and zoom in a little bit and you can see how the storm is moving in. it is almost even with cbs hictague here. i put the winds down with the radar. we will go to my night an you can see the storm had big winds. as we went through overnight they had more gusts. norfolk gusts of 28. through now, winds 32 hatteras,
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22 norfolk. 28 ocean city. the winds mainly off shore. in fact this buoy here, north winds gusting to 38. that is east of fenwick island. that is where the heart of the heaviest winds are. still in ocean city with winds of 28 miles an hour and big waves it has been an impressive morning. scott, how's it going out there now? >> the story so far has been the surf. the winds have been relatively manageable, not much more than 2 -- 20 to 25 miles an hour. the beef is close -- the beach is closed because of the threat of rip currents. i'm standing in water here. this is unusual in ocean city. you don't see this but a few times a year an the water is almost up to the sea wall here the reason the sea wall is here is to protect the boardwalk. the waves are running ten to 12 feet and there is a surge as
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the hurricane pushes by the coast here. look at the shots at the inlet. a lot of the storm has become more of a curiosity for the visitors who are down here today. a lot of people with cameras. a lot of people are curious about what is going on. a lot of pictures taken. jet skiers our in the inlet an the coast guard going out for training and i got to a chance to talk to visitors and here's what they had to say. >> so what are you doing down here? >> checking out the waves. seeing how earl will come in. but i don't think we will get it. looks pretty calm. i think our friends can come in from bethesda. >> yeah, these are birds. i'm bird watching. >> is today a good day for bird watching. >> it is hard to watch birds but you can see birds rarely seen that come in through the storm. >> reporter: an interesting fact with hurricane earl. the tropical weather system is
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bringing in tropical birds an we have bird watchers on the boor walk. come -- boardwalk. i will show you the sea wall gate has been closed because the water has come up so high. that's one of the many precautions they took here in ocean city preparing for the potential of tropical storm conditions. we haven't seen those kind of winds. we are getting a spit of rain but not enough to keep large crowds of people and curiosity seekers off the boardwalk. as officials said here in town after a little high water an rain they expect the sun to come out and ocean city is very much anticipating being open for business as soon as the sun comes out. they are looking forward to a big holiday weekend and encourage people not to change plans and the weather is respected to improve rapidly after hurricane earl passes by. bruce leshan is in virginia
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beach. how are things there? >> talk about weather clearing rapidly. the wind has almost platly died down. you can see the beach grasses barely moving at this point. we are hoping for some sun in virginia beach in an hour or so. now, here's the latest damage report from the virginia beach emergency operations center. one tree down eight people without power, no flooding. earl failed to swirl much in virginia beach. call it dancing with earl. even at 3:00 a.m. people were out romancing the storm. in the dark, winds gusted to a high of maybe 20 miles an hour. the rain just sprinkled down. at daybreak, the adventurous took to the beach, even waltzing in the water. awed by the waves in the
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hurricane that offered just a cars reinstead of a punch. >> there is something magic about being out there. >> very fresh. don't get it all the time. the wind feels great. >> reporter: by 7:30, the wind had shifted. earl was sucking it back out that way and if you look out at the swells, you can see how the wind is just blowing the foment out to sea. >> reporter: the wind blew east in gusts as high as 40 miles an hour. the biggest threat now, the waves an the tides that may eat up parts of the multimillion- dollar beach here. it is still not clear if earl will pull the dune out or build it higher but tom mcgeorge was out hunting for treasure in the chaos. >> sometimes the storms can head to this beach and expose stuff buried in the sand. >> reporter: finding anything. >> nothing at all.
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>> reporter: for some the storm was disappointing but for most, probably a relief. back now live. a relief for the american music festival. the bulldozers you see down there are removing the huge sand berm they built around the stage for the event. they expect tens of thousands of people, including pat benatar, reo speed wagon, chicago. the ocean and waves are cleaning up, less choppy. there have been people out swimming and surfing. it's amazing an howard, i have the boogie board, you want to take a ride. >> i would if i was with you. it almost looks good enough to go in. earl was a monster storm ante fact it weakened and moved away, it is good you were there to report and great to that you had little bad stuff to tell
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us. they disdiscounted the hurricane warnings on the coast. but still in effect in cape codment. earl's next spot could be the outer areas of cape cod here we are talking martha's vineyard, nantucket an the tape. that's the only area left with a hurricane warning. you see the tropical storm warnings through the new england coast and also in to parts of canada. so ocean city not getting it too bad. virginia beach not too bad. one area that got hit last night is kill devil hills, north carolina. phillip jones is down there. how are things now and tell me what sort of damage occurred. >> reporter: right new things are looking better than few hours ago. earl's swirl hear did have an affect. we can show you damage at a shell gas station here. the wind taking the canopy off of the top of the gas station and pushing it in to the
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building next door. we saw about six hours worth of strong, sustained winds an driving rain that left some roads flood an canopies knocked over. the storm surge got up to the dunes and in some locations flooded some roads. overall, there have been very few reports of serious damage. there is no widespread power outage at any point an no widespread reports of serious damage and we haven't heard anything about any injuries. the mandatory evacuations issued up and down the outer banks have been lifted at noon today. tourists can trickle in which is great news ahead of the big labor day weekend. i can give you a look at how the surf looks. we is rather large waves but i would say the wave heights are a fraction of what they were this morning and overnight. it had been laid over on their
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sides much of the night. the conditions now, earl heading out, howard and things looking better here. >> all right. thank you very much. so this really could have been a lot worse. as far as where earl is going after this, i will have that information coming up at 12:15. jc, back to you. >> thank you, howard. the federal is on hurricane alert. fema has deployed teams to north carolina and massachusetts and they are bringing food and wart an they are also on stand by in case conditions worsen. president obama is in close contact with fema and he is also monitoring the situation. >> the president was provided with an update an fema is in close contact with the governors and their teams up and down the eastern seaboard to make sure they have the support they need should the storm make land fall. >> reporter: the president has already declared an emergency
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in some parts of the carolinas. search and rescue team members from montgomery and anne arundel counties are in massachusetts. they are waiting for earl. the group of 80 left around 10:00 last night. crews will help out wherever they are needed. deployment of search and rescue teams cost counties $96,000 a day. the money, however, is given back to the county by the federal government. by the way, if you have plans to drive out of town for labor day, you shouldn't have any problems with hurricane earl. if you are flying, however, a lot of airlines are allowing you to change your flights without a opinionalty, including united, jetblue, airtran and delta, and that applies to all three airports in our area. after the break, we will have the latest on the investigation in to the standoff at the discovery channel. plus, our pitcher, stephen
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strasburg's surgery is underway. we will tell you when he is expected to take the mound again. but first more heated words exchanged between the two democratic rivals for dc mayor. their latest debate ended an hour ago. some damaging allegations against both candidates. we'll be right
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dc's two democratic mayoral
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candidates debated this morning on fox 5 wttg news. an a key.of con transportation was ethics. allegations of cronyism against mayor fenty, awarding city contracts to his fraternity brothers and fenty levied ethic violations against council chair vin isn't gray. >> you will never hear him talk about, for example, the contractor that had $3 million in contracts before the city who's doing personal work on his house where he refused to recause himself from the votes. you won't hear him talk about the two times the board of elections and ethics has opened up investigations on him. >> we want to get on with the business of the district of columbia, but $82 million in contracts is a huge sum of money, than realty is his fraternity brother had control of that money the primary will be december 14th. starting today for the
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first time voters in maryland can cast ballots early without a reason. the chair women authority state republican an democratic parties gave they have their support yesterday. -- gave their support yesterday. >> we will work with the state board of elections however we can to ensure that early voting is safe and secure and that every vote will be counted. to find out where you can vote early go to our website at and visit our maryland news page. three people were hospital eased after a fire took place in calvert county, maryland. the fire began last night in a trailer on hollow ring lane in prince frederick. that's along the pa tux isn't river. two of the injured were flown to the johns hopkins burn center. one of the 55 firefighters battling the fire suffered
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minor injuries. today, police are looking for james j lee's car. they hope that it will provide them with more evidence for their investigation in to that standoff at the discoverien channel on wednesday. an they want to find out what set him off to take that company hostage meanwhile, people who work at discovery, have being allowed to take a listening weekend. hundreds of came back to pick up items they left. also police searched the wheaton home of james j. lee. strasburg has surgery today and nationals fans are cringing. they are on pins and needles. the pitching phenom will undergo tommy johns surgery in los angeles, and that is to repair a torn ligament. strasburg is not expected back at the mound until 2012 at the
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earliest. more power problems with metro to tell you about after the break.
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a power outage has knocked out all as much as to elevators and escalators at the due upon metro station in northwest washington. the situation is open -- the station is open, but this is another example of repeated power outages at the station. riders were forced to climb the 120 step escalators. part of metro's red line will be closed all weekend. starting tonight at tb, metro will close the line from glenmont to fort totten, an it will stay closed until tuesday morning. this way metro crews can do some important track work. metro has set up shuttle bus service between those stations. the virginia dmv wants you to know it is staying open late tonight trying to make up for the computer outage that occurred last week. governor mcdonnell is ordering an investigation in to the
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computer failure. the failure prevented the dmv from issuing driver's licenses and identification cards. the dmv will stay open until 6:00 p.m. tonight, an it will also be open all weekend, including labor day. now we have an unbelievable fish tale, or should i say shark tale. willy dean was fishing on tuesday on the potomac and noticed something strange in his net. this is it. a deadly eight foot long bull shark. can you believe that? the 300-pound killer was in the mouth of the potomac. it was a mile away from point lookout state park, and that's the swimming beach. scary. >> southern st. mary's county. >> scary. >> yeah. good catch. >> i'm telling you. i'm a fisherman. i love fishing but i wouldn't
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want to catch something like that. >> it is turning out to be a decent day despite the fact there is a hurricane less than 300 miles away from us. it was a big storm and weakened a lot and missed us. along the coast the worst fears did not materialize. that is excellent news. still a flare-up in the coloring of the clouds. that is convection that we talk about. this is getting over colder water and not as organized as yesterday. so earl is in the dying stages of a tropical system but impressive out there. let's go to the radar an you can see the storms. big circulation spinning away looks like enough to wallops and chickteague here. the back edge of the rain is pulling away. some showing up on live doppler 9000 hd. we will look at that for you here. annapolis is just starting to clear. southern calvert, give this 20 to 30 minutes.
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same thing in st. mary's county temperature northern neck, i spoke to jan in reedville. she had two-tenth of an inch of rain. and 4 1/2 to five inches of rain down there. so much bigger storm in the outer banks than what we have been dealing with. i want to show you the winds as the storm has been moving from the south to the north. we go back to midnight an you can see how the winds were gusting in the mid-20s here. as it comes up an gets close they are winds chef to the northeast and north. gusting to 47 miles an hour in virginia beach. 30 in norfolk. as we go through 10:00, highest gust at ocean city was 37, 38 off shore fenwick island at this hour, but things are now north and not as strong. the worst for ocean city may have already occurred. the storm itself, winds of 85 miles an hour, category one. by midnight or 1:00 or 2:00 it could be near martha's vineyard
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with a hurricane warning is out and then going in to canada. we will say good-bye to earl. for us, mid-80s at 3:00. and air quality is code yellow. tonight an early shower, clearing and breezy in the 60s. the forecast for tomorrow, nice, breezy but nice and cool. highs near 80 an the seven-day forecast, get ready good -- good looking holiday weekend. more heat on tuesday and wednesday in the low 90s but earl is pulling away and that's a good thing. we will be back with more 9 news now at noon in moment.
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stay with us for the latest information on hurricane earl?
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topper will have that and of course the full holiday weekend outlook today at 5:00. >> you can always go to our website at have a great day. some people say i'm obsessed with my chickens. but i like to think i'm just going beyond the call of duty. cock-a-doodle-dooooo! i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens
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are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ they're fed a nutritious diet including corn, soybeans and marigolds. and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections. extraordinary chicken. what? they're more comfortable.

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